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Tina Chan

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Tina Chan


By anonymous at October 4, 2020
Tina Chan was just leaving the party and returning to her car when she gets ambushed from behind in an dark Alleyway. The attacker throws an elastic cord around her neck and pulls her back into a door way. Her head tilts back and she lets out a mufflered moan and drops her handbag on the ground as she flings her hands up to free her neck but to no avail. The sound of her white high heels scraping the ground in an attempt to get a grip. She continues to gag and moan her eyes rolling back as her attack starts to pull the rope harder in sudden jolts that make her choke louder. Her big boobs boucing in her tight green dress. he keeps strangling her and she kicks her white high heels off one at a time which clack across the pavement. Then her white belt comes un-done during the confrontation and pops-off and falls onto the ground. She passes out and he dumps her body into a dumpseter. Later on some kids come arcoss her bag, shoes and cards, and steal them. They find her in the dumpster and also rob her body of her jewer

By anonymous at January 7, 2021

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