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Tosty yzer

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Tosty yzer


By anonymous at June 21, 2012
Gent memoriesI could tell you about the time I spent in Gent, but then I'd have to you know how it goes. One laitsng memory? Perhaps the very honourable Mr B, composer, Northener, keeling over as he gets up from

By anonymous at June 21, 2012
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By anonymous at June 22, 2012
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By anonymous at November 20, 2015
Wat een goed idee om ook op de fiets dingen te bekeezon, geen gezoek naar parkeerplaatsen en je komt op meer plekken. Wat een afschuwelijk verhaal over Oradour. Toch goed om zo'n plek een keer "in te ademen". Dat patchen komt wel weer hoor Katrien. Fijn weekend.

By anonymous at November 22, 2015
Hello Betty, I was overjoyed to hear of a drsegase rider to be a friend of Buck as well as to find another surprise that you learned from Ray Hunt. I really want to learn how to ride horses the right way, there are so many ways out there, in methods and in training, that I know there has to be truth. Just as things are right and wrong in our heavenly Father's eyes, then there is His truth that we decipher rights and wrongs in this world. Reining it back into the equine part though, I really want to learn how to ride the right way, when you see someone ride right , you kinda of just know it. And what I'm trying to say is, I've been to one of Buck's clinics, and it always makes me think, that's how it should be done .Now I'm reminiscing in the joy it is to see truth in riding.However, I ride drsegase, and currently I am projecting a horse at college, I am allowed to do groundwork and under saddle work. He has trouble getting his hindquarters underneath of him, and as a result leans on my hands, falls on his forehand, rthym is inconsistent, is stiff, and and runs through the bit. I'm not exactly sure where how to approach his situations, but all I know is that I want to do it in the right way. I don't know the first situation to approach, or maybe it isn't approaching a single situation at all I'm looking for guidance how to approach the horse's situations. What are your thoughts?Sincerely,Emma B.

By anonymous at November 23, 2015
Ke6re Ce6cilie, Beklager vort sene respons til dig!Vi kigegr pe5 det, og se5 vender Andreas eller Asger tilbage til dig hurtigst muligt!Alt godt, Brian

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