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By anonymous at March 5, 2020
As a high ranking lawyer Mr Chow represented her clients and was good at getting acused criminals off the hook, however one day during a interview with one of her clients in the interview room at the jail, her client broke free from his restraints on his chair and lunged across the table at Ms Chow. Ms Chow fell back with the chair and her legs shot in the air revealing her black chanel high heels. His hands still zipped tied together managed to pin her on the floor around her neck and started to choke her. She gagged and moaned for help but to no avail, she now knew she was going to die. after a minuet she made a last gasp and her hands fell onto the floor and her head tilded to the side. He stole her high heels, her Louis vutton belt and her hand bag, escape in her Lexus.

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