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By anonymous at March 27, 2015
This is very interesting, You're a very sllekid blogger. I've joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I've shared your web site in my social networks!

By anonymous at March 28, 2015
Saya ingin buka live account di Gainscope, degnan USD250 untuk GBP/USD, berapa leverage yang harus saya pilih ? Berapa lot yang harus saya pilih ? Dengan lot yang Master sarankan, berapa SL yang harus saya set untuk tiap kali open ? Sesuai anjuran Master nantinya saya rencana hanya lakukan 1 open position, tunggu hingga profit atau loss baru open 1 position lagi. Apakah ada grafik lain yang lebih baik selain candle yang dapat dijadikan acuan ketika ingin lakukan open position ? Dimana saya bisa belajar cara menggunakan Elliot Wave ? Terimakasih.

By anonymous at November 20, 2015
Dear Freda:First, I want to thank all our friends who vote with what they buy. Without their faiuhftl supports, Third Place will not even exist. Third Place will have her historical significance in Taiwan's Salon and Spa industry.Third Place is the first Salon and Spa in Taiwan that don't use fear based and distrust based Commission System to reward hairstylists or Spa aestheticians. People told me that I am crazy to trust young hairstylists will work for non-commission. All hairstylists got into this profession for money, not for their passion or service from heart. I just want to prove to them that they are wrong. People want to be trusted and wanted to participate in something larger than themselves. Of course, we have a merit based salary with open book management and 20% profit sharing and a different career paths for all our hairstylists. They can open their own salons and stay within our network, they can become a teacher at Canmeng Institute or they can be a happy hairstylists who practice Daymaking everyday with their best friends ( guests ). Hairstylist is a beautiful and rewarding profession if you decided not to put money in the center of your career path. In Canmeng, we are trying to create a new beauty industry which is not built on commission, but on lifestyle choice and Daymaking. Time really flies, especially, during our age.I intend to focus my time on Ripplemaker Foundation starting in 2013.Ripplemaker Foundation's mission is to help people to realize their dream through entrepreneurship. I firmly believe people don't need charity, people just need chance.In many ways, Ripplemaker Foundation is like a Profit for Purpose ( PFP ) business. Ripplemaker Foundation will be financed completely by my own efforts, not seeking any donation or government fund. I think this is the problem for most NPO who needs donors, sponsors and grants to survive. I think PFP business is the next phase, in addition to the buzz business model: Social Business or Social entrepreneur.If you read my book or search this blog, you will find the origin and the evolution of this PFP Business model.Well, I am going to put it into experiment now. ( Red Room is actually a kind of PFP business model already, if you look closely. )Thank you for your well wishes. I shall need it.Ping

By anonymous at November 22, 2015
What a treat to find your website via Pinterest. I'm thruhogoly enjoying your entries, candor and humor. A few girlfriends of mine and I have been talking about what products we use that actually -really- work. The list is short.Budget is important to me, so I've been using the Drug Store brand: Neutrogena, some Garnier and Loreal. And my big splurge (I ask for Christmas and my birthday) are Clarins products. I'm just 39 and feel like I should really start using products that will do something. What are your favorites and what do you recommend?

By anonymous at November 23, 2015
Hannah,I just started using 1 tbls of bainkg soda to 1 cup of water at the beginning of this week. For the apple cider vinegar you use 1 tbls and put it into 1 cup of water. You just leave the vinegar on your hair for a couple of seconds and then rinse. I don't think either really left a huge smell on my hair, but if you're worried about that you could try adding an essential oil to it. I've heard that tea tree oil is supposed to be good for your scalp but some people don't like the scent. To me it smells pepperminty so it doesn't bother me. I too have a problem about not washing my hair everyday. Today I'm going to try to skip a day. If you decide to try this method really rinse well. I've noticed a sort of buildup come on my brush when I brush my hair. I don't know if this is from the bainkg soda or my scalp just reacting to the new method and trying to adjust. I've read that one girl had trouble going through the oily/greasy phase so she periodically uses two egg yolks with two teaspoons of lemon juice of vinegar. To mask the egg smell she adds a couple drops of essential oil. Just don't use hot water on your hair with this mixture or it will apparently cook the eggs. Reading the post on Simple Mom might help. This is where I got my info. Hope this helps.

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