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By Time at April 20, 2011
Very Very hot wow

By anonymous at July 19, 2011
Geez, that's unbleievbale. Kudos and such.

By anonymous at July 20, 2011
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By anonymous at July 22, 2011
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By anonymous at November 21, 2012
You can only pick one sports movie from each of the foliowlng sports. The sports are baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer. Which of these sports, one of these will be the most of all the sports, that will be seen in movies. But please tell me why you pick the movies as either the best baseball movie, basketball movie, football movie, hockey movie, and soccer movie.

By anonymous at November 21, 2012
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By anonymous at November 22, 2012
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By anonymous at April 22, 2014

By anonymous at August 3, 2014
Wow fukin HOTTIE I'd like to unzip

By anonymous at January 20, 2015
awsum xxx

By anonymous at March 27, 2015
Happy Birthday to you. looking at the prttey header pic of your daughters, i can well imagine the beauty of the mumma. may you get younger and prettier every year.. new on your blog but liking it..

By anonymous at March 28, 2015
- Happy Birthday Art :) May all your dreams come true today and freover more :)- You are such a wonderful person..and wonderful ppl grow younger each day :D

By anonymous at April 1, 2015
I just want to say I'm new to blogging and site-building and ralely enjoyed you're web-site. Very likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You amazingly come with incredible well written articles. Thank you for sharing your web-site.

By anonymous at November 20, 2015
There are two main parts that he recounts to the jorasulint you see in the first frame of the trailer. The main parts are his reminiscing about his upbringing in a zoo in Pondicherry, an affluent part of India, and his being a castaway on a lifeboat in the Atlantic Ocean for almost a year, where his only companion is a previously caged male Bengal Tiger from his family zoo. And then there is obviously a lot more to it than that. More to it than that in the book, for sure. Not all PG rated either.

By anonymous at November 22, 2015
the two main parts again, in the first one, his upbringing, it has to do with how he comes by his iitnituve understanding of the animals' psychology, and in the second one, how he applies that knowledge to remain the alpha male on the tiny lifeboat with a frightened hungry tiger thats 10 times his size again there's a lot more to it than that .like exploring the notion of faith and belief, for one.

By anonymous at November 23, 2015
It truly is strange which the Dodo has becmoe these types of a celebrity, and a poster bird for rapid human-caused extinction, when there were lots of other casualties contemporary to it. Folks unaccountably fail to receive enthusiastic concerning the Broad Billed Parrot (also endemic to Mauritius), the Mauritian Duck or even the Mascarene Coot (Mauritius and Reunion). They were all wiped out at roughly the exact same period (article 1600) by direct hunting, loss of habitat, competition with introduced species and predation by other introduced species like rats, cats and dogs. Mention the unfortunate extinction from the Bourbon Crested Starling (Reunion and a little population later accidentally introduced to Mauritius) merely merits you a broadside of blank stares. (Nevertheless by all accounts it absolutely was much tastier than the Dodo.) Why ought to this be? There's a single thing regarding the Dodo that has ensured its enduring popularity its brand. It had been quirky sounding plenty of to warrant inclusion in publications including Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (and, when you feel it, fitted in with Dodgson's habitual stammer) and from then on its fame was assured, and it presently fronts for several organisations dedicated to wildlife preservation and a brewery. So, depending on how you like your etymology, let's listen to it to the quirky, flightless Crazy Fat-Arsed Bird.

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