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Monika chaurasia. add: bihari saw lane patna 800004 bihar

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Monika chaurasia. add: bihari saw lane patna 800004 bihar


By anonymous at November 20, 2015
I have to stop reading this stuff at 10 p.m. here in the burbs. I am failry certain I do NOT have any Bihari Kababs in the fridge. Informative post, sir! Sounds delicious; I will venture out & expand horizons as opportunities arise! Thanks JT

By anonymous at November 22, 2015
hey raaga, this will taste much better if you use musartd oil instead of the regular cooking oil. this tastes really good with khichdi and papad. also you can add raw oninons, to give a crunchy taste.happy cookingpragati

By anonymous at November 23, 2015
Roshmi Sinha: What you are saying is cocrert, Roshmi!Shreya, with the help of her family, has worked hard to come up to this level. Sunidhi also is very good. Her classical training is visible in her singing.Saregamapa supersingers has given some hope. Snithi Mishra's 'Tappa' was very good. Very rarely, even trained singers sing 'Tappa'. Ranjeet was good in Ghazals. Abhilaasha was a good singer. Now, the classical training is catching up, maybe the reality shows are one of the reasons!I have heard Rashid Khan. He is very good. Our South Indian singer, Bombay Jayashree is good. Have you heard Jayanthi Sahasrabudhdhe? Her voice is toooo good.Chaurasia and Zakir are unbeatable! I don't remember anyone, coming even near them.Music need lots and lots of hard work and luck too, for exposure, don't you think so?The guru's also should push their shishyas to reach their level. They too should not have reservations and teach their students whole heartely.Just hope for the best, Roshmi! Felt nice chatting with you!

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