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kristina perovic

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kristina perovic


By anonymous at March 21, 2012
Cool idea the first one! digital comes from agolanic! thatb4s really nice and the picture too. Ib4ve already seen it but itb4s cool! Also nice to see how everybody is taking care of the best of the 2009 year! nice work!Happy new year

By anonymous at March 21, 2012
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By anonymous at March 22, 2012
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By anonymous at March 27, 2015
I'm currently in a long diatsnce relationship (7 hrs apart) and am finding it increasingly difficult to be patient and content through the dating phase. I was hoping Carissa might have some advice as to how she survived 16 months! Any particular scriptures that helped you to make it through?

By anonymous at March 28, 2015
You have a lot of polite French peploe here .frankly!Myself, being in the USA, it is hard to avoid dinner at 4 PM, the ugly sweet potatoes and squash, the pumpkin pie, the thick gravy and eating cold because we have to wait until everybody is served. By chance, I adore the fcbersweet pecan pie Sans rancune, this is what happens when you fall in love with an American

By anonymous at April 1, 2015
I hope all this calms down soon, as it is not in anyone's inrteest for it to continue. That, I believe, is why the French prime minister called Nick Clegg on Friday afternoon [to build bridges].

By anonymous at April 19, 2016
Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good aretlci.

By anonymous at April 20, 2016
So that's the case? Quite a reaeovtiln that is.

By anonymous at April 21, 2016
It's a plearuse to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

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