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wendy jeal

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wendy jeal


By anonymous at February 27, 2010
Powerful Legs!

By anonymous at June 21, 2012
I hate poor customer seirvce ALMOST as much as I hate talking to computers on the phone.But I have had excellent customer seirvce from a company recently.We bought a couple of YUU bags for our oldest two last july and in the beginning of Jan, one started to fall to pieces. I didn't hold out much hope but emailed the company anyhow and they apologised and sent me a replacement within a week!2 days ago, the strap fell off the 2nd original one so I emailed the company again. I thought this time they were sure to say hard luck' but no. They are sending out a replacement straight away!Once I've received the 2nd bag, the bags will get a blog entry of their own.

By anonymous at June 21, 2012
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By anonymous at June 22, 2012
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By Gundosqyv at September 9, 2013
Aloha! cou

By anonymous at April 20, 2016
Hey, that post leaves me feeling foilsoh. Kudos to you!

By anonymous at April 20, 2016
This is just the pefrcet answer for all of us

By anonymous at April 21, 2016
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