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airsoft glock17 WeTactical

This image was commented 24 times

airsoft glock17 WeTactical


By anonymous at June 22, 2014
Saya dah mail bos

By anonymous at June 22, 2014
Ada lagi tak?kalau ada mail saya
By anonymous at August 4, 2014
Nak. Email

By anonymous at August 27, 2014
saya nak.masih ade lgi ke?

By anonymous at September 4, 2014
Plzz jika maseh available sila emel ke

By anonymous at September 13, 2014
Ade lgi x..

By anonymous at October 22, 2014
asalammualaikum...saye nk beli ada lagi tak klau ada pm saye di FB

By anonymous at November 25, 2014
Ada lg sy

By ariq at December 1, 2014
Boss kalau ada lagi pm fb sy "Afiq arizal"

Pm tau jangan lupa x pm

Sy first time nk main airsoft ni

By anonymous at December 17, 2014
bos glock tu ada lagi..kalau ada pm saya dekat

By anonymous at January 7, 2015
bro ada lagi? kalau ade email kat full detail dgn harga. COD

By anonymous at February 25, 2015
msih ade stock lgi x..klau ade mail

By anonymous at May 27, 2015
Ade lg gun tu kalu ada boleh tak hantar email tok harge tu tq

By anonymous at August 14, 2015
salam bro...ade lg x
By anonymous at August 30, 2015
Sapa nak murah2 pistol gas..
By anonymous at October 30, 2015
Sy nak.. Boleh wasap sy x.. 0179567527

By anonymous at November 14, 2016
sy nk pistol gas
wasap saya 0174580523

By anonymous at April 13, 2017
BOS SY MAU,,WSSP 0173156889

By Didiey.. at October 17, 2015
Masih ada tak????....saya btul2 nak beli nie.....

By anonymous at October 30, 2015
Puas dah sy cri.. Tp xjmpe.. Ada lg x pistol ni or spe2 ada jual ke.. Tlg wasap sy 017-9567527

By anonymous at November 10, 2015
Bos ade lagi tak kalo ada sila hantar email

By anonymous at April 20, 2016
Tht'as going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

By anonymous at April 21, 2016
We defliiteny need more smart people like you around.

By Hello at February 7, 2018
Hello, is it legal to own one? And what about the price?

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