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By Time at November 24, 2014
Soooooooooo Hot wow show me more :)
By anonymous1 at November 26, 2014
Have jus uploaded
By Time at December 2, 2014
Do show more :)

By anonymous at December 18, 2014

By anonymous at November 20, 2015
You are so awesome for helping me solve this myetsry.

By anonymous at November 22, 2015
- I really like the end ones, but I'm not sure about the side ones. From the phoots it seems like they're almost too big for the table and overwhelm it. Again, it might just be the angle and being in the room, they might look different. And I have to agree the colors being slightly off would bother me too! You're not crazy!p.s. I also love that you posted this. I know some of us have probably gone through similar situations in our head, ordering something and then second guessing, but it's nice to find out I'm not the only one that does stuff like this! And so many times I try to get things perfect before blogging about them, but it's stuff like this that makes blogging nice because it doesn't have to be perfect all the time. I'm sure whatever you end up with will be great! ok. long comment done!January 11, 2012 2:59 pm

By anonymous at November 23, 2015
people are weird and/or have a beiuatful smile and you're gorgeous! i love your blog, i've been checking it for years but this is the first time i comment..besos L

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