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By anonymous at October 28, 2020
I want her 🖕( ͡🔥 ͜ʖ ͡🔥) in my bed!!

By anonymous at November 17, 2020
definately sleep with her

By anonymous at December 11, 2020
The Student puts the knife to the teacher's throat and forces her to walk backwards into his dormitory room and shuts the door. The hot teacher can soon be heard moaning with pleasure as her clothes are torn off her body, soon after she can be heard choking as she starts to get strangled during rough sex and she chokes and screams out all night long
By anonymous at December 11, 2020
The student keeps all her clothes as keepsakes of her

By anonymous at April 12, 2021
smoking hot teacher

By anonymous at April 14, 2021
She chokes as she gets head-locked by a student's arm

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