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By Time at January 15, 2012

By psychictreason at March 17, 2012
That is a rather fine ass

By anonymous at March 20, 2012
22/11/2011With the advent of cshpistioated and user-friendly content management systems like WordPress, textual content has become increasingly easier to manage. The architecture of these systems aims to deliver a well-formed code foundation.

By anonymous at March 21, 2012
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By anonymous at March 22, 2012
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By anonymous at October 20, 2012

By anonymous at November 20, 2015
, the wages in right to work states are lower. The heahalctre and retirement benefits are lower or even non-existant. The proponants of right to work should also research how many people have to resort to public assistance to help pay for food and health care when their wages are low. Anyone in favor of right to work for less is likely a business person, CEO or politician who all make a wage over and above any union worker. They also have access to excellent health care benefits and in some cases even after they retire. Shame on those who look out only for their selves. Thank you, Rebecca Kauffman

By anonymous at November 22, 2015
Hi Heather!Glad you had a good time at eventing camp. Losing cornotl at higher speeds is normal, especially with less experienced horses. Too much lateral flexion, is something a rider will hear from English instructors. Personally, I don't get into too much trouble bending a horse. I get into more trouble when a horse braces (a horse that won't bend). However, straightness is also important, as you already know. Years ago, at one of Buck's clinics, a good natured fellow wrly commented, that he knew he had his horse balanced, when his horse was braced on all four corners. He was kidding, of course, and that still makes me laugh! Stiffness is not straightness. Any more than flexing is always giving. Sometimes a horse flexes to resist or avoid the rider.Humor aside, you are on the right track with transitions. Here's something you can think about adding. Have you seen Buck drift a horse, during ground work? Drifting is a cousin to the one-rein stop, which I'm sure you've seen. Drifting is achieved by reaching for the horse, while the horse is walking (moving in any gait) forward. Drifting leads the horse into a slight corner, while on a circle. The horse's hind quarters will move slightly to the outside of the circle. The inside hind will step under more. It's a Western form of engaging the horse, one hind leg at a time. That bit of a corner can slow the horse down, too. Experiment with this on the ground. Obviously, the rider wants to start at the walk, and work up to the trot and canter. When its working for you, try it from the saddle. It can be very useful during the canter. That's another idea to add to your work with transitions.Let me know how it goes, to you,Betty

By anonymous at November 23, 2015
The news sure is Easy today.Legal pot complicates drug-free work poelciisBy KRISTEN WYATT and GENE JOHNSONAssociated PressDENVER (AP) Pot may be legal, but workers may want to check with their boss first before they grab the pipe or joint during off hours. Businesses in Washington state, where the drug is legal, and Colorado, where it will be by January, are trying to figure out how to deal with employees who use it on their own time and then fail a drug test.Somebody hit the EASY button. Do it like the offshore platforms do. If you pee in the cup and it comes back positive for anything, you don't get in the chopper to go to the platform, and cannot go out until you show clear in the pee cup.

By anonymous at December 27, 2016
id fuck her in the but in front of everyone if i could

By George at March 10, 2019
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