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By anonymous at October 28, 2020
(👍≖‿‿≖)👍 👍(≖‿‿≖👍) super hot nice tits!!!!

By anonymous at November 17, 2020
I sure she good at sex!!

By anonymous at December 13, 2020
A masked gunman grabs the hot Asian girl from behind and puts her in a chokehold with his left arm, and uses her as a body shield from the pursing police, She chokes and puts both hands up to try to free herself with no avail. He pulls her back behind a tree and takes cover, pins her to the back of the tree by the neck as her eyes roll back and she gags. The police aim their weapons at the tree, the gunman grabs the hot Asian girl and spins her around on the sppot twice and pushes her out from the cover of the tree. The police open fire on her thinking it was the gunman making a run for it, the hot Asian girl is then hit multiple times as she is still spinning around and lets out cries of pain :ahh oowahhaaa Oooaffff aaghhh" the police cease fire and the girl falls back first into a bed of flowers and her legs fly up in the air with her white high heels pointing at the sky and then they fall down, she lies dead amongst the flower bed

By anonymous at December 18, 2020
Gets choked by a vine

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