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Solid Wood Door Delux.

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Solid Wood Door Delux.


By anonymous at February 26, 2013
In my opinion, I feel that the exiistng “High Speed Bullet Train” would very likely become a huge economic burden to California! The limited points of connectivity are a “No, No”, “Forget This Plan”!!!*The Airport Terminals’ Connectivity Rail System would surely boost tourism to California! There could be no better way to tour, and see, California than from a BART type rail system that would connect with Airports, and, Cities that are up to it all. All businesses, and jobs, would surely get a huge boost with this rail system development.*It sure would be helpful to have Federal participation in this plan! However, if you make the case for a California BART System, people will remember where you stand on this Transportation Development need.*I recommend that a new “High Speed Rail System for California” be proposed to the California, and federal Government that would provide a “BART” like High Speed Rail system that would connect the Airport terminals, and, Cities of California. I think that a “BART” system would be just great with speeds up to about 100 MPH. This system would definitely provide the most relief to our highways, roads, and airports.*A “BART Airport, and, Cities Connectivity” system would be a huge “Win, Win” for all of us!! Sure, this would take a lifetime, or more, to build. So, let’s get started on it ASAP; because it is a great investment.Please evaluate this “BART Airport Connectivity System”, as a preferred replacement of the exiistng “High Speed Bullet Train System. Just as the Interstate Highway system was built; A BART System needs to be built!! A $.10/Gallon Tax in California would do if the Federal Government would commit to this as they have to the highway system.*Our Highways urgently need relief, and we just can not continue to add more lanes to Highways!*Sincerely, Gerald Blancett,

By anonymous at February 27, 2013
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By anonymous at April 20, 2016
Many many qulaity points there.

By anonymous at April 20, 2016
Finding this post has anerwesd my prayers

By anonymous at April 21, 2016
Well done to think of sotehming like that

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